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Gunika Dhingra
5 min readDec 20, 2020

Social media has changed the world. Day in and day out the number of people joining the network is enormously expanding. While this is criticized by many for a huge number of its banes but is considered as a golden egg for a major lot which includes the influencers and content creators. These are the people that earn a living with the help of social media platforms. To help these creators and solve many of their miseries we have CommunPie as a rescue which has the potential of becoming the go-to app of any or every creator.

As the name clearly suggests, CommunPie is a platform which serves as a community for all the creators out there and just as a pie is a treat in itself it has loads to offer. Quite often is it noticed that the content put up on social media is nonsense and is called out to be ‘cringe’ but somewhere quality content does exist. There exist some people who genuinely make an effort into putting the most original and helpful stuff on their handles. But what happens to them, they either get lost in the crowd or their ideas are copied multiple times and what we get to see on our walls is just the same thing with the same essence but a different approach of presentation. An idea is a very personal affair and is best implemented when its original. CommunPie has its major focus on solving this issue of plagiarism.

The moment user opens up and registers for the app he/she is prompted with some questions. The first and the foremost being the experience and the set of audience they handle. They’ll be divided into three categories — newbie, established and influential on the basis of their followers, subscribers and for the time they have been into this work. Next comes the platform on he/she is active and their domain of content like food, tech, beauty, personality development etc. After making the choices the person lands into a pool of people of his domain and level of experience. This can very well be compared to a telegram group but the secret sauce is yet to be revealed.

The main feature is EB, now what does that mean. EB is an early bird. Whenever a creator makes a piece of content, he needs to raise an EB i.e., he needs to present the piece of work before posting it on any platform to a set of panelists whose job is to go through the content and analyze what the person wants to deliver. The sample is accompanied with a short description as to what is the essence of his created piece of work. What actually happens by raising an EB is that the thing which is talked about in the content gets chosen by the person which ensures that one idea is talked about only once which lessens the amount of repetition and ensures the delivery of original and quality content to the viewers. A piece of work that is found to be similar to something that has already been posted is given a warning. A creator can present his same work for a maximum of three times. For instance, if someone’s work is found to be similar to an already existing piece then he is asked to make some changes and then present it, which can be done for a maximum of three times.

Every time a person raises an EB and his content is found to be genuine and original, he is given some value points which have a very important role. Now on the basis of how active the creator is, how genuine and original his work is and the number of warnings he’s been provided with, he gets a star rating. But how does a rating make any difference? These days we have multiple competitive coding websites which give the coders a star rating on the basis of their performance which act as a cherry on the top for the coders similarly we have these star ratings for the creators. Higher rating ensures quality and adds as a benefit in attracting a huge audience. Later additions on this platform would a paid tier which will include many benefits like one-to-one chatting, aided collaborations between the influential set and the newbies. Apart from that we’ll also extend our hands to the blogging bunch. In this way we will ensure that the entire community stays in touch and grows together.

Since we’ll be dealing with a lot of data, a database would be required and for that we’ll take the help of SQL. To manage the things at the backend we have python along with SQL and Java and to smoothly execute the things in the app, we’ll be having CSS and JavaScript on the frontend.

Artificial intelligence can play a very essential role in this plot. With its help, the user can get suggestions like what was the most suitable time of posting so as to attract a major chunk of audience. Smart reminders and suggestions can be an added benefit. Data analytics can in no way be ignored, as while dealing with such huge amount of data, we can easily analyze the trend which can help us get a better understanding. Investing in such a domain that is just going on increasing can never be a bad idea. To aid the monetization aspect we have in-app purchases

Entrepreneurial world is more or less based on collaborations. Using this platform many companies can organize workshops, events and creator camps to enlighten the creators more about their brand. This will potentially be a two-way benefit — the creators can now easily approach influential and established set and also brands and vice versa.

Social media is an ever-growing world. Every minute there is tons and tons of content being uploaded and without this we can’t imagine our lives. Now this app can genuinely transform the coordinates of the entire creative class and give it a whole new level.

The expected time frame for all of this stuff to happen is around 8–10 months. Initial 3 months, the team will engage in building and designing the app and later would be followed by selection of team of panelists who would judge the given sample. This can somewhere be a way of generating new jobs in the era of unemployment. Further add-ons will take place once the basic structure of the app is ready to be delivered. The entire project can smoothly finish in around a year.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to comment the feedback.



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